Some interior design stuff you might find interesting :)

Do you know what’s one important thing people neglect when furnishing their homes? Wall art! It’s such a simple and obvious solution, but somehow it remains aside when you ponder on ways to beautify your interior. However, it’s not enough to just hang a couple of paintings here and there. You need to choose a proper place for them and, the most challenging part, think of proper lighting.  It may seem insignificant, but the way a piece of wall art is lit can drastically change its impact. I’m not much of an expert in this matter, but I can give you a few useful tips that will make your wall decor stand out.

How to light wall art: Basic rules

  1. If you use ceiling-mounted lights to accentuate the artwork, adjust the fixture to an angle of 30 degrees place them so that the beam hits the center of the canvas. If the angle is too narrow, you’ll get long shadows cast by the painting, and if it’s too wide, your sight will be prevented by reflective glare.
  2. One of the most popular ways to light paintings used by collectors is wall washers. They are available in a variety of forms, including surface-mounted, track-mounted and recessed, and can be situated on ceilings, floors or walls. This way, you’ll get an even distribution of light allowing you to move the pictures without having to adjust the lighting.
  3. Note that halogen lamps emit ultraviolet that gradually damages the paintings. To avoid it, either increase the distance between the lamps and the artworks or use UV filters. You can also opt for LED bulbs that emit no ultraviolet.

A bonus tip on decor choice 🙂

Hopefully,  you’ll benefit from my little tips 🙂 And if you haven’t picked wall decor for your apartment yet, I’ll also recommend a great place where you can get it! It’s a website run by a famous modern artist Leonid Afremov. Of course, he’s not as famous as Pollock or Richter, but his paintings are widely represented in the internet. You’ll be mesmerized by the vibrant palette and incredible style of this painter! It’s a real burst of color! There are so many shades and they are so bright that your eyes can’t seem to take in them all 🙂 These shades are actually what constitutes Leonid Afremov’s works – he builds images applying them next to each other stroke by stroke, like his predecessors Impressionists. And it works 🙂 You can call these paintings too sophisticated or profound, but they are surely very catchy, emotional and inspiring. So if you are looking to decorate your place with some ‘light’ wall art, here is where you should start searching! 🙂









The secrets and hardships of redecorating

I love planning out new room designs. I redecorated my bedroom at least four times. It’s so exciting to make all those sketches, pick the wall color and think where the new furnishings will go! But I hate actually pulling my projects off 🙂 But since I can’t afford to hire people who would do all the work for me, I have no other choice. Well, at least there is my little brother Jimmie helping me. I’m paying him $5 per hour 🙂 If you ever tried painting a room yourself, you know what I mean. It involves too much mess and fuss. That is, if you are unaware of simple tricks like these: This video really helped me last time I was repainting my room. We had a fun accident then 🙂 When we were finished, we left the window open to get rid of the paint odor and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Suddenly we heard a thunderous noise behind our backs. We ran back and saw two cats, one chasing another. They speeded through the room knocking over buckets of paint and rollers leaned to the wall )) Seeking refuge, one of them jumped into Jimmie’s arms staining him blue and green 🙂 That was a cat of our neighbor, Mrs. Wilson. The other one, unfamiliar to us, dashed out into the backyard leaving colored paw marks all over the floor 🙂 As disastrous as it was, we couldn’t help but laugh our guts out )) Cleaning up wasn’t nearly as entertaining, though 🙂 Has something like that ever happened to you? Looking forward to your comments 🙂

Hi everyone!

I’m Linda Clarke, an aspiring interior designer from Washington 🙂 Although I’m still studying, I already have a couple of big project in mind that I hope to implement in the future. Meanwhile, I’m practicing in my own place 🙂 I still live with my parents and they patiently put up with my design experiments 🙂 Aside from design, I’m pretty passionate about music. My boyfriend David plays in a rock band and I love sitting at their rehearsals. He even tried teaching me to play guitar once, but it was hopeless 🙂 Well, at least I’m a good listener 🙂 I’ll be glad to see you among my readers and of course I’ll follow your blog in response! Take care 🙂